LED Mosquito Killer and Bug Catcher

  • Mosquito trap with 368nm  light: Using mosquito favorite 368nm ultraviolet light mosquito trap lamp,360° light, and photocatalytic reaction produced by photocatalyst, release carbon dioxide and air flow to simulate the carbon dioxide damp atmosphere emitted by human body. Attracts mosquitoes in any direction.
  • Strong suction: The fan highly stirs the surrounding air to form a vortex, so that mosquitoes used to fly with the wind and mosquitoes wind near the wind tunnel, will be strong vortex suction into the bottom of the mosquito disc.
  • Centrifugal pressure. Prevents escape: Once the mosquito is sucked into the trap grid, it is difficult to escape the strong vortex generated by the fan, which has been pressed into the bottom of the mosquito disc by the cyclone, making it dehydrated and air-dried to death.
  • USB ports kill mosquitoes everywhere at any time: Standard USB charging cable is adopted for more convenient power supply, which can be connected to mobile phone charging head, laptop computer and mobile power supply.
  • Removable structural design: Remove the mosquito box by rotating it counterclockwise. Clean it with water. Wipe it with dry cloth after cleaning.


Product description

Power cord length :108cm

Power supply: DV5V-1A
Rated power :5W
Product size :12*21.5cm
Rated voltage :220V110~220V
Package size 12.8*12.8*12.7cm
Weight: 310 g

Use method tips correctly

(1)In the bedroom to eliminate mosquitoes you must be opened in advance, (at least 3 hours), do not open until sleep.

(2)In the unmanned environment, the use effect is better, because the human body temperature and smell can attract mosquitoes, avoid affecting the use effect

(3)This product have the physical way to eliminate mosquitoes, not a boot can immediately kill mosquitoes.Turn off all other lights and make sure the mosquito light is on

(4)After at least 24 hours make sure you check the storage box, because  the use of physical anti-mosquito helps in  drying and dehydration of mosquito to die , so the process needs a certain amount of time before you can open so to make sure the mosquito is dead.

(5)For the first time user, please make use continuously for more than 48 hours, during the day make sure you close the doors and Windows, draw the curtains, ensure that it is  use in a dark environment, place the mosquitoes lamp  1 meter above the ground  as possible, do not open the lamp, open  the  door and window , do not put on the air condition or electric fan make sure you Turn off all other lights to ensure they are the only light on. 



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